Emergency Services

Everyday heroes for emergencies


High time pressure and thin layers of information

Unknown factors are the biggest challenge in an emergency situation. Often the information situation is thin and even if it is detailed information can get lost under the high time pressure.

Unknown hazards

Which firefighter today already knows by heart in which car, where and how many airbags are installed, or how the wiring and battery strings of an electric car are constructed? For rescue services it is necessary to have this crucial information and rescue maps at hand at all times.

Difficult communication during rescue operations

Especially in car accidents it is often a matter of a few minutes during which the life of a patient is important. A telephone registration and a handover talk in the hospital cost additional time. Time that the patient may not have.

How WorkTab helps save lives

Efficient working with modern technology

Rescue and emergency services literally involve life and death. Efficient and effective work on site can make all the difference. WorkTab’s modern devices feature the latest Intel Core i5 processor technology as a modern working tool.

Excellent connectivity

WorkTab devices have an integrated SIM card with LTE connection and GPS for navigation. Thanks to the excellent connectivity, operational personnel always have direct access to applications, data and contact with the control centre, even under the most adverse conditions.

Deployable in all environments

All WorkTab devices are specially designed for use under harsh conditions. With our robust industrial devices you have the perfect partner for the fast provision of information and electronic documentation on site. WorkTab devices are inherently rugged to withstand shock, vibration and drops. They are prepared for temperature shocks and all components are designed to withstand them. WorkTab devices typically operate smoothly in temperature ranges from -20° to +60° C.


Fire brigade

The modern motto of a fire brigade is rescue, extinguish, recover and protect. They are called upon to deal with all kinds of accidents, misfortunes and natural disasters. Modern and powerful software solutions support the operations manager in optimising processes at the scene of the crisis. On site, most conditions prevail that standard laptops or tablets cannot withstand. With WorkTab this is no longer an issue.


Paramedics receive the alarms on your tablet and can communicate the patient’s symptoms to the hospitals while driving. The direct communication via the tablet accelerates the handling and billing of patients enormously and improves the treatment chances of the patient.