WorkTab offers robust mobile solutions for the automotive industry, both in production and for vehicle diagnostics.

Accelerated vehicle manufacturing

Whether in production or in maintenance. Modern IT technology has become indispensable in vehicle production. Robots have long since taken over many steps in vehicle production. Hardly any other industry has such a high degree of automation as the automotive industry.

Industry 4.0. increases productivity enormously – as impressively demonstrated by networked machines, for example. The internal production sequence offers new innovative approaches to improved productivity. Predictive maintenance” enables machines to report wear soon, so that technicians can solve the problem without machine downtime.

The protection of consumers and the environment is becoming more and more important, which is why regulations and laws are becoming stricter and stricter. In order to meet the new standards, both car manufacturers and dealers must invest in technology to implement and log it. This not only ensures higher product quality, but also ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

Optimized customer service

The challenges include the highest customer expectations with a rapid and clear service. Effective operation of mobile devices in garages keeps customers up-to-date and provides a better experience.

IoT and cloud services have also massively increased car networking. Fully networked vehicles offer numerous functions, but also entail a certain degree of complexity. Modern diagnostic systems support workshops in meeting these challenges.

Maximum productivity

Mobile solutions from WorkTab provide employees in production, shipping or in the workshop with a fast and reliable solution to efficiently perform maintenance and diagnostic tasks. Thanks to the robust construction, the devices are protected against heat, dirt and falls. Tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry enable maximum productivity.

Better vehicle analysis

Offer your customers more transparency during inspections. Modern readout of vehicle data and predictive maintenance prevent unexpected vehicle breakdowns or machine downtimes. By reading the vehicle data more effectively, performance and service life can also be optimized. This creates employee satisfaction and rewards you with customer loyalty.

Advantages of WorkTab solutions

Protection against falls

The automotive industry is a difficult environment for IT: all kinds of strong hands but also a fall of the tablet from the vehicle roof. WorkTab devices are designed to withstand shocks, vibrations and falls.

Ready for all temperatures

Particularly in workshops, high temperature fluctuations can occur. WorkTab computers are prepared for this and all components are designed for it. Usually, WorkTab devices work in temperature ranges from -20° to +60° C without any problems.

Seamless communication

WorkTab mobile computers are equipped with numerous modern technologies. Stay connected anytime thanks to 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So you can access your data anywhere without a hitch.

Wide range of functions

All our devices are true all-rounders. Almost all of our products can be equipped with features such as NFC scanners, 1D/2D barcode readers or RFID readers. The standard functions of most devices include two cameras for communication but also for documentation.

Versatile accessory portfolio

Our extensive accessory portfolio of vehicle mounts, office docks, protective foils, etc., enables versatile use in numerous scenarios, whether in production, in the workshop or on the test track.

Fields of application

Vehicle production / assembly

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Hardly any other market is as competitive as the automotive industry, where manufacturers and suppliers are under enormous cost pressure. Seamless production processes are the A&O of modern vehicle manufacturing. It depends on efficient machines and processes. Our devices are ideal for connecting to numerous sensors and machines in production for inspections, testing or for recording and monitoring technical data. Connect to your devices via Ethernet, RS232 or Bluetooth, for example, while the mobile computer is wirelessly connected to the MES and QS system.

In the workshop

With modern computer diagnostics you have the foundation stone for every effective maintenance of vehicles in your hands. Our robust tablets are compatible with the latest diagnostic software. Connect to the vehicle via USB, Ethernet, RS232, Bluetooth or WLAN for instant access to vehicle data.

Vehicle Development

Whether still in the workshop or on the test tracks in Spain or Norway: Mobile computers from WorkTab are the perfect companion in the development phase. The robust designs can withstand even the toughest test environments and at the same time offer a high degree of user-friendliness thanks to powerful CPUs.