Public service

Challenges in the Public Sector

Management of numerous stocks

State and local authorities need to inventory a wide range of assets, from buildings to lanterns and street signs. They need to manage equipment, machinery, vehicles and more.

A lot of data is needed

Public sector institutions often need to access a lot of data from different locations at different locations. Effective management of this data is always a critical challenge for public sector organizations.

Use under adverse conditions

In the public sector, reliable information and answers to questions are needed at all times. Equipment must withstand all weather conditions and be available to employees at all times.

WorkTab Solutions

Outstanding Scanegines

Barcode and RFID labels and tags help you keep track, including condition and location. As experts in the logistics environment, we know: The scanning performance of mobile computers is crucial for smooth operation. For this reason, we only use high-quality scan engines from the leading manufacturers Zebra or Honeywell. The standard functions of most devices include two cameras for communication but also for documentation.

Excellent connectivity

Excellent connectivity allows access to multiple systems and data to be maintained no matter where the employee is working. With WorkTab devices, your employees have instant access to all digital information, regardless of location or whether they are driving or standing. They can also perform tasks such as creating and sending digital images in real time at the same time.

Reliable, durable technology

All WorkTab devices are specially designed for use under harsh conditions. With our robust industrial devices you have the perfect partner for the fast provision of information and electronic documentation on site. WorkTab devices are inherently rugged to withstand shock, vibration and drops. They are prepared for temperature shocks and all components are designed to withstand them. WorkTab devices typically operate smoothly in temperature ranges from -20° to +60° C.


Identity Management & Law Enforcement

For outdoor use, durable and powerful mobile solutions are essential. WorkTab devices are ideal for personal identification at border, customs or foot patrols.  The robust devices offer long battery life and powerful processor performance for reliable use throughout the working day. Optional display foils protect officers from prying eyes from the side. 

Parking space monitoring

(C) Certo Xornal wikipedia CC2.0

The public order and traffic service at the public order office checks whether a vehicle has been parked in violation of the regulations and warns verbally or in writing, taking into account and weighing all interests. If measures are taken here, you can document them with a WorkTab device and create corresponding warning documents directly on site.

Asset Management

Whether in the office, warehouse or in the field: All WorkTab devices come with different communication options. This gives you a real-time overview of all assets, be they equipment, personnel, vehicles or inventories. With their excellent connectivity, performance, mobility and rugged design, they enable public sector workers to do more on the job than ever before. Whether it’s rain, snow or sunshine, no weather can make work harder or cause downtime, because WorkTab devices can withstand it all.